How to request your web page

All members of the University community with access to the public web server are required to read and honor the Eligibility and Acceptable Use Policy and the IT Services Public Web Server Usage Rules and Regulations.

SFTP access to the public web server is restricted. To instate your SFTP access, please review the policies below and indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the policies. Upon submitting the form, your request will be sent to IT Services; requests will be collected and processed once each business day, and confirmation will be emailed to you when your SFTP access has been instated.

Eligibility and Acceptable Use Policy

Please read the full policy at

IT Services Public Web Server Usage Rules and Regulations

The University makes access to resources available to its communities, carefully balancing interests of access with matters of security under strict conditions. The University has the right to restrict access, limit use of its resources, or recommend disciplinary action for nonconforming users when the resources are misused or threatened in any way. The broad outlines of who may use resources and how they may be used are laid out in the Eligibility and Acceptable Use Policy, which governs the use of as well as of all other information technology resources. In addition, these specific rules apply to

1) Responsibility for security:

Due to the large number of files placed on, security is a shared responsibility. You are responsible for and will be held accountable for all files connected with your CNetID. IT Services is not responsible for the content of your files. If you notice anything unusual in your directories, you must promptly bring it to the attention of We welcome user help in the joint responsibility of keeping the server secure.

2) Acceptable materials:

Sensitive information (particularly social security numbers, drivers license numbers, or any information that could be used for identity theft) cannot be stored on the server under any circumstances.

Only personal files should be placed in your website on It is strongly preferred that course materials be placed on Chalk. Materials must be intended for web download and display only. The following is a non-exhaustive list of unacceptable space uses.

3) Protecting your CNetID:

Do not share passwords. Your CNet password is akin to your signature. Sharing your CNet password potentially gives others access to your personal information. In addition, since you are responsible for files connected with your CNetID, it's important to know what is being done in your name. No two people should access the system using the same account. Each person with a legitimate need to use the central web server is welcome to an account. These may be requested by contacting

4) Access agreement:

Access is granted to specific files and directories only. Access to a directory on the server does not authorize access to the entire server. Browsing the server or accessing files except those to which you have specifically been granted access (e.g., to satisfy curiosity or to "snoop") is prohibited. Technical means are in place to prevent such access, but it is incumbent upon each individual user to respect the privacy of other areas of the server.

Policy Agreement and Access Request

I have read and agree to abide by the Eligibility and Acceptable Use Policy and IT Services Public Web Server Usage Rules and Regulations.

If inappropriate data (as defined in the above policies) is in directories under my control on the public web server, I will delete the data immediately.